The end of the 2018 racing season is upon us . The OMEGA dragster has been in a re-fit program for the last several months . The performance level is our main goal , we have to find another 150 HP in order to compete on the National level and we are implementing changes for the start of the 2019 season, SEASON GREETING TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS AND SPONSORS .                                                                                                                                                                       THANK YOU KENNY GILMOUR MOTORSPORTS



 After SEATTLE team GILMOUR has looked at our race program and decided on some engine combination changes . Although the engine is happy more horsepower is needed . The next race will be Pomona in the fall . All our changes should be compleated by then.


 Arrived early thursday morning a day before qualifying , went over to Goodyear for tires only to be told all the tires were presold . Thanks to another racer Goodyear agreed to let us have 1 set of tires . Our first session the car ran 5.51 et. that put us in # 7 spot. Our second session qualifier we ran a 5.39 at 264 mph . The car very smooth and Webster left down on rpm . NHRA shortened our qualifying to 2 sessions insted of 3 . First round the clutch locked up causing us to overstage , that's racing .


  Borrowed a set of tires for the Rocky Mountain Event , A combination we've never trieed before . The tire shake was so severe it broke our wing . The car was very fast to 400 feet but the shake was still so severe the driver had to shut down on every pass.



  Our first outing of the season , we took an easy pass so our driver could get the feel of the car again since Pomona . The first hit we had a 5.95 et. the second hit was a tire smoke run . Third hit again tire smoke . First round of eliminations and more tire smoke . Changed the clutch and no help  . Everything points to [ tires ] but we'll blame the driver .

March 20 / 2018

  Continueous snow has slowed the dragster operation as the truck and trailer are under 4 feet of snow causing us not to attend this years world of wheels. Looks like we also miss Vegas 4 wide race . Team Gilmour has been assisting Pro Ring Supply to get ready for the spring swap meet in Red Deer hosted by Quicktimes . Pro Ring will be show casing products for supercharged and nitrous applications along with OEM engine parts . After the Quicktimes event it will be off to Medicine Hat for their annual swap meet .  Maybe by then the snow might start showing signs of melting and we can get putting the dragster back together .This has been a really long winter.                                                                                                                              




 We'll be missing this years Winternationals in Pomona do to changes to the car and some team members . Much needed changes to make the Omega Dragster more competitive for todays performance level . Five thirty et's are respectable but hard to go rounds , again we couldn't make racing possable if it wasn't for our main sponsor OMEGA 2000 , and we thank DELL and GLENDA LLOYD for 14 years of on- going support .


  Our first qualifing session we ran a 5.43 e.t. and the car appears to be happy . We install new tire for our 2nd session and the car goes into severe tire shake . We switched the tires to opposite sides of the car and the shake got worse . The next step is to change our clutch for our 3 rd session and still no improvement . The shake was so bad it broke our engine mount . We had no more time for anymore changes so we go into our first round of eliminations and that ended our day . The next 3 days we go over the entire car . Now is the Regional race in Vegas and only go 5.57 , that was not good enough to qualify for this race . POMONA CALIFORNIA FINALS with all new conditions and our first session , the car runs a 5.43 . By the time we get back to the pits we know we are only #18 qualifier . For the next session we put our old Good Year tires back on . The car we raced against is Julie Nataas who drives for Randy Meyer . She runs a World Record 5.11 against our 5.37, by the time we return to the pits we are still # 18 qualifier . The bump spot is a 5.36 being the last session of the day pressure is on everybody . Webster cuts a good light and ran a 5.33 260 mph. We made the show but are on the bump spot # 16 qualifier . Checking the race pac we find out Webster was off the throttle 4.9 seconds into the run . His half track speed was 217 mph and the best numbers we've ever seen . First round of eliminations and we draw Julie Nataas again , she runs 5.18 sending us home . The reward to all of this we were in the quickest alcohol field in NHRA history .

KENNY GILMOUR MOTORSPORTS teams up with PRO RING SUPPLY for the final 3 races of the season .

PRO RING will be supplying rings and bearings for the OMEGA 2000 TOP ALCOHOL DRAGSTER . PRO RING SUPPLY is located in Calgary Alberta , and is a supplier of extreme performance [ rings and bearings ] PRO RING was established in 2013 , PRO RING saw there was a market for high performance rings and bearings for the performance groups , and they have customers as far as OREGON . PRO RING has become a dealer for SCAT PRODUCTS ,GRP , RCD , TRICK TITANIUM , PAC SPRINGS CROWER and RACE TECH PISTONS . In 2016 now handle engine parts for domestic U.S. market .

Woodburn Sept. Regional Race

Test n tune thur, Ken Webster sets low E.T.in Alcohol Dragster testing first round qualifing fri. Ken locks in the number 4 qualifier spot at a 5.43 . Second session running in rt. lane blower belt breaks . Ken still holds the number 4 spot , 3rd session Ken runs 5.46 , shuts off early : First round we draw a good running A/FD : Ken leaves on a good light and has a dragster length on his opponent at 330 ft mark then another blower belt breakes ending our day Bringing Ken in as our driver has shown possitive results


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