Mission Regional Race blog May 25

10:00  Good morning from Mission Raceway We are starting the day with the weather, It is currently 70 deg. Barometer 29.83 in. Mercury. Humidity 42 %
we are showing 974 ft elevation.There are 5 Dragsters. Cliff Bax car from Manitoba, Greg Sereda Edmonton,Hugh Ridley car from Chilliwack, The Gilmour car with Greg Hunter driving.Lastly the only American car is Joey Severance from Woodburn Oregon.Currently there are 7 cars listed for funny car we will update when the field is known.
Yesterday was spent reassembling the car, installing a newly serviced clutch and a warmup and final checkout on everything.
The first qualifying pass is 3:00 today
We will be back after the warmup about 12:00
7: 00 O'clock we had a busy late afternoon. During the first qualifying session we had a intake and a exhaust valve knock the top off on number 6 cyl. it caused some damage but we are fixing it all now. We will be good to go tommorow.We are qualified number 3 so far with 5.532 @250.27
Funny cars here Dave Germain, Steve Gasparelli, John Evanchuck.Jeff Ashwell and Brian Hough  and Clint Thompson

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