Mission Regional Race Day 2 2012

Todays weather is forecast for 72 Deg F which calculates to about 1100 ft elevation. Yesterdays damage is repaired..Today we are putting more clutch in the car along with sharpening up the tune up. First warmup is in about 15 minutes. Will be be back about 1 Hour.
6:00 We had a repeat problem on Number 6 cylinder it drop a valve again so we decided to change the rockers,springs and retainers. we lost one position so we are Qualified number 4 . We race the Cliff Bax Car with Gord Gingles driving in the first round tommorow at noon. The weather is supposed to be 60Deg F at noon..Looks like we had a liitle to much clutch the last pass as we struck the tires right on the starting line.
We will start again in the morning. Bye for now.

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