Our first qualifing session we ran a 5.43 e.t. and the car appears to be happy . We install new tire for our 2nd session and the car goes into severe tire shake . We switched the tires to opposite sides of the car and the shake got worse . The next step is to change our clutch for our 3 rd session and still no improvement . The shake was so bad it broke our engine mount . We had no more time for anymore changes so we go into our first round of eliminations and that ended our day . The next 3 days we go over the entire car . Now is the Regional race in Vegas and only go 5.57 , that was not good enough to qualify for this race . POMONA CALIFORNIA FINALS with all new conditions and our first session , the car runs a 5.43 . By the time we get back to the pits we know we are only #18 qualifier . For the next session we put our old Good Year tires back on . The car we raced against is Julie Nataas who drives for Randy Meyer . She runs a World Record 5.11 against our 5.37, by the time we return to the pits we are still # 18 qualifier . The bump spot is a 5.36 being the last session of the day pressure is on everybody . Webster cuts a good light and ran a 5.33 260 mph. We made the show but are on the bump spot # 16 qualifier . Checking the race pac we find out Webster was off the throttle 4.9 seconds into the run . His half track speed was 217 mph and the best numbers we've ever seen . First round of eliminations and we draw Julie Nataas again , she runs 5.18 sending us home . The reward to all of this we were in the quickest alcohol field in NHRA history .

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