Las Vegas Sunday blog

Its Sunday morning all the cars are warming up for the first round of eliminations The Exactair team fought there way in to perhaps one of the toughest 8 cars fields in the history of sportsman racing. Currently Greg is positioned in the number 6 spot to face driver Sidnei Frigo in round 1.
The Relative Air Density is projected to be around 3700 ft at race time. 10:03 Pacific time All Ok for now.

Improvements give Hunter confidence

Following their career-best performance at the Big O Tires NHRA Nationals, Greg Hunter and the ExactAir Top Alcohol Dragster team are back at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway to squeeze more speed out of the 3,000+ horsepower blown alcohol dragster. The data acquired at last weekend’s race will help them do just that.


“We have a good tune-up in it now. We’ll be able to look back at the 5.38 run data to help us run as well and better this weekend. We learned our lesson on what caused the parts failure first round. We’ll cross our T’s and dot our I’s,” Greg said.

Greg Hunter provisonal top speed of meet

Team Gilmour worked up a exciting combination yesterday at the Las Vegas Regional race. In the first round of qualifying Greg huneter closed in on the number 2 positon, but set the provisoinal Top Speed at 266.74 at 5.407 ET in 4200 ft of air. Chris Demke fills the number 1 spot at 5.397 a mere 
1/100th of second quicker. Todays qualifying is at noon and four o'clock. the weather will be hot again here today.around 80 we will reurn after the second session if possible and the internet holds up..

Las Vegas Nationals

Again we have had internet connectivity problems,however the Exactair Dragster experienced a connecting rod failure in round one ending our successful weekend.The 16 car field was stellar with a bump spot of 5.45, Leading the pack was event winner Jim Whitely running mostly 5.20's all weekend. The team was very happy with the results this weekend as our new parts have shown a lot of positive results. In closing Driver Greg Hunter has been outstanding on the starting line and hitting shift points right on the the mark every pass, he is a natural driver with great instincts,congratulations!

Greg Hunter Runs 5.384 @ 267.80 MPH Wow

Team Gilmour and driver Greg Hunter bust through 2 major milestones in Las Vegas 5.384@ 267.80. Almost 3 years to the day the Team Gilmour car ran 5.355@ 264.55 in 2200 ft of air yet the Exactair Dragster ran the big MPH in the heat of the day in 4000 plus feet of air.Kenny,Cal,Gary.Dell, John and Darlene have worked feverishly to deliver success. Clutch guys Dell and John dialed in a clutch program that has been outstanding all weekend.

Las Vegas Saturday Blog

Current temperature 68 deg F barometer 27.98 humidity 22% aprox 3000 Air Density. Session 2 will be around 1:00 o'clock.We made some tune up and clutch changes hoping to improve our position,we will see!

Las Vegas Friday blog

Today's events had us scrambling as they moved the Alcohol schedule ahead 1 hour. Happily the first session left the Exactair Dragster in the number 4 spot with a 5.458 @ 262.74.The 62 degree air with a 35-40 headwind certainly was affecting performance levels.Tommorow is expected to be warmer and hopefully less wind.With 23 cars attempting to qualify in a 16 car field,it will be chaos to be sure. Saturdays second session starts at 10:45 am.

It's "Vegas Baby"

The Exactair Dragster Team have all been infected with "Drag Race Fever" our last outing at Seattle improved our best all time MPH now at 265.46 so being out of competition for 10 weeks has been tough.Team Gilmour and driver Greg Hunter will be closing the season off with 3 races in 3 weeks.

Curtis Halverson join Gilmour/Hunter

Kenny Gilmour Motorsports is please to have Curtis Halverson join Gilmour/Hunter for the last 3 races of the season.
Curtis was instrumental in driving and development of the engine program on the Bonneville Streamliner the (Mormon Missile) to speeds of over 350 MPH.  Halverson along with David of Dark  Side Racing have been working with some new ideas along with new machining technology.  These changes have slowly improved our performance level his season.  Curtis will be helping out at Las Vegas and Pomona.  We look forward to having him on the team.

Career Bests for Hunter in Seattle

 KENT, Wash. (August 7, 2012) – Though he didn’t reach his goal of a 5.3-second run, Top Alcohol Dragster rookie Greg Hunter came awfully close. His ExactAir Compliance Systems blown alcohol dragster tripped the finish line beams in 5.40 seconds during qualifying at the Northwest Nationals last weekend.


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