Greg Hunter knocks on the 5.30's

After many failed attemps to post the weekend activities of the Northwest Nationals, we will recap the race.During the first qualifying session diver Greg Hunter breaks through another milestone with a 5.405 @ 265.43 mph run. which eliminates our former best of 264.55. With soaring temperatures and no improvement in the  second session we decided to sit out the third session to save parts for race day.

5.3's the Goal for Hunter and ExactAir Team in Seattle

KENT, Wash. (August 2nd, 2012) – After a month off of the race track, Greg Hunter and the ExactAir Top Alcohol Dragster team are refreshed and returning to quarter-mile competition at this weekend’s Northwest Nationals. The northwest native is hoping to keep his national event first round win streak going while trying to go deeper into eliminations.

Northwest Nationals coming up for Exactair Dragster team

Seattle International Raceway,home of 64 funny car events,legendary Bill Doner on the PA sytem,does anything else need to be said? The answer is Yes. In the day a Top Fuel Dragster would run 5.80's to 6.00 Et's at 245 to 255 MPH. Today Top Alcohol Dragsters run 5.20's to 5.50's at 260 to 270 MPH. During the 70's it would seem inconceivable that a Alcohol Dragtser would be that fast, but here we are.

Saturday Blog at Route 66 Nationals

It's Saturday morning in the sauna at Joliet, humidity was 80% an hour ago and falling to 68% now.Todays second session is 11:00 Chicago time.Team Gilmour prepared the car early with a thorough look over.The final clutch setup is done we are looking to make a improvement over yesterday's 5.46, we think there is a 5.3 something in the car.as everything seems quite happy and safe.We will be back after session 2. Sorry for delay of the last 2 qualifying runs, just when you think things are going smooth,fate steps in.

Greg Hunter In # 7 Qualifier at Route 66 Nationals

Today was a rush to ready by noon mixed with a torrential down pour. As the Alcohol Funny cars started their engines the skies open up delaying qualifying for 2 hours.However qualifying resumed about 2:45 with Greg Hunter driving the Exactair Dragster to his best E.T and top speed to date. 5.46 @263.10. Randy Meyer set the pace with a 5.30 @ 269 for the #1 spot. The Exactair Dragster and crew are happy with a good start in the #7 position and Team Gilmour will be tightening up the string on that one string piano for tommorow. TWANG!!

Greg Hunter Reaches Midpoint of Rookie Season in TAD‏

JOLIET, Ill. -- Greg Hunter and the ExactAir/Kenny Gilmour Motorsports Top Alcohol Dragster team are in for one of the toughest TAD races in the country, the Route 66 NHRA Nationals at Route 66 Raceway near Chicago. The centrally located track and prestigious Jegs Allstars race-within-a-race attract the top cars from around the U.S. and Canada. Greg hopes to be one of the sixteen cars racing on Saturday night.

Exactair Dragster heads to the Windy City

Driver Greg Hunter and the Kenny Gilmour team are travelling to the next stop on the NHRA National event tour, the "Route 66 Nationals".This is the first time Team Gilmour has ventured this far east, so we expected to make new friends and enjoy a great 3 days of Drag Racing. Qualifying starts Friday June 29. The pre-race weather report suggests temperatures in the 90's, possibly leveling the Nitro vs Blown Alcohol battle.27 Dragsters will be fighting for position in a 16 car field.

First Round Wins Continue for Hunter

MORRISON, Colo. – Top Alcohol Dragster beginner Greg Hunter’s rookie season in the ExactAir/Kenny Gilmour Motorsports car is going better than those of some of the seasoned veterans in the class. A first round win at his national event debut in Las Vegas, and now another at his second regional event. The Wyoming resident’s trip to Bandimere Speedway’s Thunder on the Mountain ended with a meeting with one of the top cars in the country.

Denver Sunday Race Blog

Todays NHRA Regional race in Denver will be a scorcher it is 91 degree's and it is only 11:00 o'clock. Imagine race day air at 9215 Ft. E.t.s and MPH wil be slower today with out a doubt. First elimination session Starts at 12 o'clock high.The Gilmour team has gone over the Exactair Dragster top to bottom, so we are good to go.
Round one Team Gilmour faced Dean Dubbin with Greg showing his starting line skills yet again Greg cuts a .039 light while running a 5.78 @248.98 to Deans 6.01


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